Say No To Black Hat SEO Techniques

Google SEO is something that can assist in prospering online business but only when carried out by ethical means. Google is one such famous search engines that showcase results on ethical basis. On long term basis you can make use of white hat SEO techniques that can allow your website to receive better ranking. Definitely it is slow process but is completely result oriented. Nothing in life can be achieved by adopting shortcuts and same goes with online marketing techniques. Say no to black hat SEO techniques in order to successfully bring your website to the number one position on long term basis.
Why do major search engines like Google do not approve black hat techniques? Major reason is they damage the overall impact of result and try to manipulate it with unethical techniques. People searching for respective keywords get misguided if you make use of such techniques. It ultimately creates bad impact over search engine guidelines and so Google adopts some serious guidelines to stop such practices. Usually people adopt such technique to gain high rank but they can also loose rank and also visitors with it if they get trapped. If you want to prevent your website from getting banned then follow the guidelines stated by Google for search engine optimization.
 Black Hat SEO Techniques
Here are some of the reasons you need to understand when it comes to adopting white hat Google SEO techniques over black hat techniques:

1st reason:

White hat techniques are adopted for assistance of visitors whereas on other hand black hat techniques try to manipulate visitors. In white hat techniques content is designed consider need of visitors in mind and so there serve with the purpose of visitors. On contrary to this black hat concentrates on unethical strategies which are just carried out to impress major search engines.
2nd reason:
When it comes to profitability, white hat SEO techniques are always on the upper hand because they do not make use of link spamming or cloaking. Make content for visitors and not for search engines if you want to proper with ethical Google SEO techniques. Google robots are very smart to determine your trick and so don't play smartly against them. There are software designed that can carry out SEO techniques for you with automatic submission and bring your website to good ranking. But remember such black hat SEO techniques show result on temporary basis so it is advisable to stay away from them. 
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